Acne Treatment

Spot or acne can be formed when your skin is too oily, which allows bacteria to multiply. Bacteria can make the pores clogged to become swollen and red. Some people get one or two spots occasionally, while others suffer from acne infections more often. If you are from the second group, you may experience acne Рa chronic or long-term situation that affects many teenagers and adults. But you do not need to panic. There are many effective treatments that help regulate acne.

Acne can grow almost in all parts of the body, but generally acne appears in the face, neck, shoulders, chest, and back. Symptoms are the emergence of blackheads (blackheads) that are black or white. Blackheads are black spots that appear on the surface of the skin. Black spots are not derived from dirt, but because they are exposed to oxygen in the air. Whereas white blackheads are located beneath the surface of the skin, and have a harder texture. In addition to blackheads and blackheads, there are also forms of acne that are exacerbated by inflammation, among others: Pustules – Small lumps at the end are pus. Papula – A small reddish bump that is usually painful. Nodules – Hard lumps formed under the surface of the skin, and sometimes feel painful. Cysts – Large lumps contain pus pain. Just like nodules, cysts also form under the skin’s surface.

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