ADD Herbs Treatment

ADD is difficult to concentrate, can not sit still, and often cuts and interferes with the conversation without thinking first is a symptom of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Although everyone can experience this, but ADD sufferers tend to be unable to control it so that it interferes with normal life activities and achievements.

In addition to appearing at the age of children, ADD conditions can also occur when a person is growing up or getting stronger as you age. Speaking of age, symptoms of ADD can generally be known when children are 4-5 years old. The reason is, at this age, the child has begun to learn to pay attention, can be asked to sit still, and filter his words.

Difficult features to concentrate:

  1. Difficult to pay attention to details so often make mistakes or carelessness.
  2. Difficult to maintain attention or concentration in carrying out an activity.
  3. It often seems to not listen when invited to speak.
  4. Cannot follow the instructions and fail to complete the task, but not because of not being disciplined or not understanding.
  5. It’s difficult to organize various tasks and activities to get a sufficient portion of time.
  6. Often avoid and doubt yourself in tasks that require high concentration.
  7. Often losing important items.
  8. Concentration is easily broken down by disturbances around.
  9. Easy to forget about routine activities.

A person diagnosed with ADD can overcome it with lifestyle changes like the following:

  1. Regular exercise to channel excessive energy that triggers hyperactivity and impulsivity.
  2. Eat healthy food and do not have artificial sweeteners to stabilize the mood.
  3. Enough sleep so as not to be physically and mentally exhausted.
  4. Train yourself to have better time management.
  5. Avoid delaying and immediately carrying out incoming tasks.
  6. Write all the tasks, messages, and important things so that they are not forgotten.
  7. Arrange everything by providing a marker or reminder.
  8. Schedule relationships with friends or partners so you can train yourself to listen more and not talk too fast.
  9. Maintain good relationships with people who understand your ADD situation.

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