ADHD Treatment

ADHD stands for ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’, which is a condition that shows symptoms where one can not give full attention (inattentiveness), likes to be impulsive and too hyperactive.

Previously, ADHD was known as ADD ‘Attention Deficit Disorder’. ADHD can be experienced by a child or an adult, but the symptoms usually start in childhood.

ADHD symptoms are multiple and may differ from one individual to another. Only a specialist doctor can identify and make sure. However, parents can identify some early signs as the child grows.

ADHD At Children’s Stage

Children are active and at times it is difficult to control. But, how would you differentiate whether it’s normal ADHD or normal?
Usually children with ADHD have a rather extreme activity.

Kids are always familiar with jumping, running around, climbing table chairs or talking non-stop. But there is a limit.

Whereas ADHD children can not sit still, can not focus or can not focus on something in the long run. However, they can focus on what they are interested in like a video game or something.

ADHD Pada Peringkat Kanak-kanak Sekolah Rendah

Perlu diingat, tidak semua kanak-kanak ADHD berkelakuan hiperaktif sewaktu kecil. Namun jika benar kanak-kanak tersebut mengalami ADHD, simptom akan muncul lebih ketara semasa usia ini. Mereka sukar menumpukan perhatian, bermasalah untuk membuat keputusan yang betul atau merancang sesuatu.

Kanak-kanak di usia ini juga menghadapi masalah dengan kanak-kanak seusianya dalam berkongsi benda, mengikut giliran, membiarkan orang lain bercakap dan menyiapkan kerja sekolah atau tugasan di rumah.

Mereka juga boleh jadi lebih emosional. Jika berlaku sesuatu perkara yang mengecewakan, mereka akan menunjukkannya.

ADHD At Primary School Children Level

Keep in mind, not all ADHD children behave hyperactively during childhood. But if it is true that the child has ADHD, the symptoms will appear more significant at this age. They are hard-pressed, troubled to make the right decision or plan something.

Children of this age also have problems with their age in sharing things, by turn, letting others talk and completing schoolwork or assignments at home.

They can also be more emotional. If something goes wrong, they will show it.

ADHD At Adolescent Level

Increasing the age of adolescents, hyperactive conditions may improve. But the child may still have trouble sitting down or sitting down for a long time.

Teens with ADHD will have problems concentrating on schoolwork but may focus on video games that reward them instantly.

All teens can be emotional, but adolescents with ADHD face a little bit of trouble managing their emotions.

Because they tend to be impulsive, adolescents with ADHD may be more likely to engage in high-risk activities such as fraud and theft.

Safety issues as they operate their motor vehicles should also be noted as they fear they can not control the drive properly.

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