COVID-19 Parkinson

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological condition. The symptoms appear slowly and develop over time. Symptoms can include trembling or tremor, stiffness, and difficulty with balance, walking, speaking, and coordination. The condition occurs due to damage to nerve cells that are responsible for controlling movement.

COVID-19 leaves deep scars in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Not only in the respiratory system the nervous system is also often affected by damage caused by coronavirus. All of this “trauma” is now known as post-COVID-19 syndrome.

Among the most obvious signs of post-COVID-19 syndrome are lack of energy, difficulty breathing, memory loss and, in general, more or less pronounced mental confusion. Less common are ageusia (loss of taste), anosmia (loss of smell) and skin rashes.

Brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson, of which both have been on the rise, must be attended to early on, advisedly upon detection. Warning signs for Parkinson include a strong pulling sensation on the shoulder, or a jittering feeling on the neck. Curated specially to address these conditions, Thetole’s‘Way of Treatment’ works to delay any rapid advancements of the conditions and increase the chances of reversal.

Say No to Drugs

The Tole Neuro takes pride in offering herbal medication to its patients. Rather than prescribing an antibiotic, Master Leong prescribes a customized herbal supplement for the patient to take home. These herbal medicines have limited side effects. Using only natural ingredients, these medicines will only have a positive influence on the patient’s body.

DSTM Dato Tole takes a holistic approach when he is finding the COVID-19 alternative cure with Thetole. He uses herbs and acupuncture to heal the body and positive reinforcement to heal the mind. He believes that both are necessary.

Take Precautions With Order Our Herbs To Prevent COVID-19 Infection

Thetole antivirus herbs are mainly homegrown (non-chemical farm) combine with Chinese Herbs. Mainly cooling down the liver, lungs, intestine, stomach and kidney. Stay at home to protect the low immunity family members and order our herbs here TheTole Acupuncture. People also can book Online Consultation with Dato Master Leong.