Alcoholism Treatment

Liver-related alcoholism, or alcoholic liver disease, is a liver disease associated with excessive use of alcohol. It involves a spectrum of liver disease that includes alcoholic steatosis (simple fatty liver or simple steatosis or fat accumulation in liver cells), alcoholic hepatitis (inflammation of liver cells), and alcoholic cirrhosis (destruction of liver cells and replacement of tissue with tissue scars). This can cause serious health problems such as great fatigue, and liver failure leading to impotence, erroneousness, and death.

Here are some steps to help individuals to stop drinking between these steps:

(1) The first step and the best way to prevent yourself from becoming a drug addict is to acknowledge yourself as a drinker.
(2) Change your lifestyle. Stay away from places that can serve alcohol (night clubs, parties and dancing parties) until you can control yourself from drinking. When you resolve this problem,
ask for juice, soda or coffee instead, if you attend certain occasions.
(3) If your friends invite you to drink alcohol to celebrate their ceremony, explain to those you have stopped. You can find new friends if they disagree with your actions.
(4) Get social support by attending a motivational / self-help group meeting to strengthen your stand.
(5) Parental supervision is important in order for their children not to be trapped in these negative symptoms. By investigating who their children are friends and so on.
(6) Know your limits and limitations and keep this principle in mind.
(7) Bring out all your problems to those who listen to it and who care about you.
Perhaps this will reduce your grief and avoid getting alcohol.
(8) Find other ways to calm yourself apart from alcohol (hobbies, exercises, physical activity and movie watching)
(9) Be aware that you are a symbol and a good model for your children as they learn from what they see.
(10) Strengthen your religious beliefs. All religions prohibit alcohol consumption and abuse.

1.Please e-mail or WhatsApp us your medical report,
2. Then we will advise and take the necessary treatment either by taking herbal medicines or coming to our treatment center undergoing the treatment of The Tole neuro acupuncture treatment.
3.Once our medical report is accepted and you agree with the medical advice provided. You can make payments to us and herbal medicines will be sent to your home.

It will take about 3 to 5 business days depending on the area of your residence.


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