Allergies and Eczema Herbal Treatment

Skin allergy problems are no strangest among Malaysians, but also the world’s population. Skin is a huge organ for humans, and is the most common body. It should be noted that skin disease is a disease that always comes and goes.

It can not be completely removed but can be controlled like other chronic diseases. This is because the main cause of the disease is more to the correlation between the internal and external factors, rather than simply germs that can be eliminated with antibiotic treatment. And one of the problems in the skin is allergies. This happens because many factors include disorders in the immune system, medicine or infection.

Atopic disease of dermatitis (eczema) is often associated with heredity and allergic factors. It is a skin inflammatory disease that causes severe itching and can disrupt the quality of sleep and daily life. Usually, it begins to appear in children before the age of two and often shows symptoms in the form of ‘tide and receding’, which sometimes appears remission and sometimes exacerbation.

However, for severe levels, patients may experience symptoms of skin irritation and prolonged inflammation. Among the signs of eczema atopic disease include dry, red, and scaly skin conditions. It gets worse when scratched over.

If left untreated, the skin will get tired of the consequence of the continuous graft that causes germs to enter deeper skin areas and cause infection. This infection thereby enhances the cycle of eczema atopic symptoms. Furthermore, injured skin areas due to continuous grooming will also leave the scar and the skin hard, scaly and dry.

This inflammation involves certain skin areas according to the age of the patient. In general, eczema atopics often involve the area of the face, body, front of the knee and the back of the elbow or extensor surface in the baby. For older and adult children, it often involves the flexor surface, such as the back of the knee, the elbows, the ankle, the neck and the eye.

Eczema atopic patients also often experience other allergic diseases such as allergic conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis and asthma or bronchial asthma.

The nearest family members also often have the same skin problems or allergic diseases. Eczema and allergic diseases are often severe when they are exposed to substances that promote the production and activation of inflammatory and allergic cells. For example, seafood, hot and dry weather, dust, stress or depression, pests or bacterial infections. What is surprising is the ingredients in facial cleansing products and the body is also able to increase skin inflammation in eczema patients.

Skin care that tends to allergies:

1. Avoid a product known as a common allergen, eg latex.

2. Be careful: If you want to try detergents, care items such as sunscreen or makeup, first try. Make sure you have another replacement if your skin starts to respond.

3. Follow the same regimen for any product that will touch your skin. This may sound trivial compared to the continued use of “magic products”. However, your skin is a sensitive organ and when it is not happy, nobody will be happy.

4. Alergen can kill. The principle “There is a way to succeed if you keep trying” can not be used here. Do not expect fate by trying the same allergen repeatedly. It will not ease your symptoms. In fact, it will make it worse.

5. If you find yourself suddenly suffering from allergies, see doctor or go to the emergency room immediately. Anaphylactic shock can be fatal.

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