Allergy (Hay fever, Sinus) Treatment

Allergic rhinitis are allergic reactions caused by pollen and other allergens such as pests, pet fur and etc. Unlike the name, dry grass (usually) is not the cause of the problem, nor does it bring fever.

  • There are two types of nasal allergies – seasonal and perennial. The former is due in spring / summer when the trees and grass release pollen. Perennial rhinitis affects a person throughout the year. It is caused by common allergies such as pests, pet fur and others. When the symptoms appear in spring or summer, the doctor calls it an allergic fever.
  • Allergic fever also attacks during winter because fungi grow in damp and dark.
  • Asthma and allergic fever are closely related in the sense of people with allergic fever are more likely to have asthma.

Allergy Fever in Children

Children can get allergic fever? Children are unlikely to have allergic fever. This is because they mostly live in the house. Symptoms like runny nose and itchy eyes are experienced throughout the year often showing rhinitis. But if he has symptoms only during certain times of the year, allergic fever can be a cause.

  • Hay fever can be a genetic trait, that is, children are more likely to have allergic fever if parents or siblings have allergies.
  • Children who are exposed to cigarette smoke in their early life may have an allergic fever.
  • Children born by a higher income family and those born in a lower family are likely to be allergic to fever.
  • Children who are allergic to cow’s milk have a higher risk of allergic fever.

Signs of Allergic Fever in Children:

Continuous sneezing and runny nose are allergic to the signs of allergies. Other symptoms of allergic fever in children include:

  1. itchy or watery eyes
  2. Itchy or eczematous
  3. Itching in the ear
  4. Tuberculosis
  5. chest tight
  6. nasal congestion

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