Allergy (House Dust Mite) Treatment

Have you ever felt itching on your bed? If you’ve ever experienced this problem can be one of the causes of dust mites.

Home dust mite are very small animals that live and colonize in human beds. With its size of about 420 mm (about 0.5 mm) long and 250-320 mm wide, the dust mite feeds on organic waste such as human skin excretion found in human beds.

The life cycle of the house dust mite 100 days and can lay eggs and grow and reproduce, the mite will colonize in bed until it reaches millions of dust mites in beds. It also can enter and nest in human skin holes.

In one day mite can remove the dirt 20 times and frighten, the dirt also contains enzymes (especially proteases) that come out of the stomach with their feces and can be an allergen or cause of asthma attacks and various symptoms of allergies.

How To Effectively Eliminate Home Dust Mite

1. Open the equipment from the bed.
2. Wash the sheets and blankets separately with hot water. For each dress, add detergent and bleach. If you have animal dolls or other items in bed, wash in the same way.
3. After that, move the bed to the open area (take it out of the house).
4. Clean the container area slowly until it is completely clean.
5. Take anti-bacterial cleaning (lysol, etc.). Wipe the bed surface with the cleaning. Do not leave dirty effects on corners and creases.
6. Take a hair dryer, slowly turn over the entire bed area with the highest possible degree of heat. This action will heat the stinks and the larvae. Do not allow too long in the same area to prevent fires.
7. Next, wipe the bed frame with cleaning fluid (lysol). Wipe up to the corner of the bed.
8. Hair dryer bed frame is the same as when bed-hair dryer.
9. Wipe each table around the bed by using a dishwashing liquid.
10. To prevent spoil back into the bed, be sure to wash the sheets and blankets once a week with hot water.

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