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At THETOLE Acupuncture, they provide you with the highest quality herbs. That means these herbs may be found in traditional formulas combined with other herbs that are then individualized to specific conditions.

THETOLE Online Chinese Herbs are the best herbal because they are combination of Malaysia herbs and Chinese herbs where all people around the world know that Chinese herbs are very good and effective. TheTole have grow their herbal plants in their own garden called THETOLE Herbal Garden. The garden has been taken cared by Master himself and also his assistants.

Founder of The Tole Acupuncture- Herbal Medical Center (1992) that now has 145 years of practice and research inherited in way of medication. They have thousands of satisfied customers, many of them are repeated customers to buy herbs. TheTole are well known because the customer has introduce the herbs to their friend. So if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact them through whatsapp, email, facebook, instagram or you can easily buy their herbal tea at TheToleShop Online.


Online Herbal Tea for Parkinson’s Disease

Over the 140 years, TheTole Acupuncture have more than 100 success proven record of Parkinson’s Disease. In general, acupuncture appears safe and well tolerated in Parkinson’s.

Although the main cause of Parkinson’s Disease is still unknown, the people still can do alternative cure with acupuncture and Herbal Tea at TheTole Acupuncture Centre. Parkinson’s Disease can be corrected with the help of The Tole’s Natural Way of Parkinson’s Disease Acupuncture and Herbal Tea.

Now, you can easily get your Parkinson’s herbal Tea via Online TheToleShop.

Men’s Problem Acupuncture Treatment And Herbal Tea

Last year, I read an article about treatment of stage 3 Lung Cancer using herbs and acupuncture in one of our local newspaper. After researching more about the mentioned medical centre, I saw another writeup on them in another local news paper. This time the topic was on Autism. I realized that this particular medical centre must be trustworthy since they are featured by 2 of our leading newspaper. (You can find the articles in and

I myself have been suffering with Man’s Problem (ok, it’s Fertility) the last 1 year hence i have decided to visit this centre, hopefully it can help me with my problem.

At the medical centre, there were lots of people from other countries. I was surprised. There were a group of Arabs sitting at the corner, Chinese patients, kids crying and running around. I was quite nervous and having goose bumps. After waiting for about an hour, it was my turn. I was assigned to a female Chinese physician. By this time, I was starting to regret.

I told her about my problem (red faced) and she just nodded her head. She went about asking me on my daily routine. I told her truthfully and she just took notes. She told me that I will be treated with acupuncture and herbal medicine to strengthen my kidneys. She told me that because my kidneys are weak, hence the problem.

I was ushered to another room whereby needles were inserted into my scalp, hands and feet. The session lasted 45 minutes. Once out from the room, I was given a briefing on how to boil the herbs that I was prescribed. I was also told to come back for follow-up consultation after 7 days. I was also told to go for a diet whereby no cold drinks. Fast forward to the 5th day of taking the herbs. I did notice something different when I urine at night. Very less bubbles.

I went through the process of going to the medical centre every 7 days for 4 cycles, roughly 30 days. After the 1 month cycle, I feel more energetic, youthful and noticed no more bubbles when I urine. I also did noticed that I can now last longer when performing in bed.

I seriously recommend this medical centre to those who seek alternative treatment for their illness. If you shy enough to come to the centre in the meantime, you can first try their Men’s Problem Herbal Tea that can be bought at Online TheToleShop.

Migraine Online Herbs Treatment

The degree of migraine pain can be vary depending on the situation. There is one day where the migraine attacks can be very painful and the other day the migraine attacks with a mild pain only. All of this is due to the type of migraine’s triggers a person has. Therefore, we need to identify what type of migraine’s triggers we are experiencing.

There are four types of migraine’s triggers that are common to people, which are:

1) Environmental temperature – Sensitive to the temperature changes. For example, from hot to cold or from cold to hot.
2) Heaty types foods – hot pepper, cili padi, pungent foods, fried foods, and so on.
3) Chilled – when it is raining, exposed to very strong aircond, exposed to fan winds, taking plenty of cold drink, and so on.
4) Stress – when working too hard, working overtime, not getting enough sleep, and so on.

Each type of migraine’s trigger needs to be treated differently. Thus, TheTole has created special formular of herbal tea and herbal soups according to TheTole’s way of treating migraine problems.

The herbal tea is available at TheTole Online Shop.

Alopecia, Androgenetic Alopecia Herbs Treatment

Alopecia or better known as baldness is a condition where the number of hairs fall out much more than the hair grows. Under normal conditions, the average human hair can fall from 50 to 100 sheets per day. Well, baldness occurs when hair loss is over 100 pieces per day. Depending on the symptoms and illness, baldness is divided into 3 types, namely:

  • Alopecia areata, bald hair only at certain points in the head.
  • Totalis alopecia, plumpose bald hair due to allergic reactions on all scalp.
  • Alopecia universalis, losing all the hair in the body.

This condition can occur in men, women, and children. In some people, hair loss may occur after certain events in life such as illness, pregnancy or trauma. Men over the age of 50 and women over the age of 50 who have menopause are more likely to have baldness.

This condition has various symptoms and signs depending on the cause. However the typical signs and symptoms of baldness are:

  • Hair loss is over 100 pieces per day.
  • Sometimes it arises burning or sensation of itching in the scalp.
  • The bald skin is usually smooth, rounded, and colored peach.

Based on the type, other signs and symptoms of baldness are:

  • Alopecia areata. Bald skin can be as big as a circle. Usually, hair loss occurs on the scalp, but in some cases this condition can also occur in a beard or eyebrow. Alopecia areata occurs because the immune system attacks its own body.
  • Alopecia totalis. Hair skin is very easy to fall when you comb your hair. This type of alopecia usually causes thinning of hair.
  • Alopecia universalis. This condition generally results from side effects of cancer chemotherapy. Usually the hair will grow back after that.

Please email to us you conditions and others medical history then we can courier the alopecia herbal medicine treatment to you. You can order for your herbs and rub medicine together.  If you have concerns about a particular symptom, consult a Master via email and WhatsApp here.


Allergy (House Dust Mite) Treatment

Have you ever felt itching on your bed? If you’ve ever experienced this problem can be one of the causes of dust mites.

Home dust mite are very small animals that live and colonize in human beds. With its size of about 420 mm (about 0.5 mm) long and 250-320 mm wide, the dust mite feeds on organic waste such as human skin excretion found in human beds.

The life cycle of the house dust mite 100 days and can lay eggs and grow and reproduce, the mite will colonize in bed until it reaches millions of dust mites in beds. It also can enter and nest in human skin holes.

In one day mite can remove the dirt 20 times and frighten, the dirt also contains enzymes (especially proteases) that come out of the stomach with their feces and can be an allergen or cause of asthma attacks and various symptoms of allergies.

How To Effectively Eliminate Home Dust Mite

1. Open the equipment from the bed.
2. Wash the sheets and blankets separately with hot water. For each dress, add detergent and bleach. If you have animal dolls or other items in bed, wash in the same way.
3. After that, move the bed to the open area (take it out of the house).
4. Clean the container area slowly until it is completely clean.
5. Take anti-bacterial cleaning (lysol, etc.). Wipe the bed surface with the cleaning. Do not leave dirty effects on corners and creases.
6. Take a hair dryer, slowly turn over the entire bed area with the highest possible degree of heat. This action will heat the stinks and the larvae. Do not allow too long in the same area to prevent fires.
7. Next, wipe the bed frame with cleaning fluid (lysol). Wipe up to the corner of the bed.
8. Hair dryer bed frame is the same as when bed-hair dryer.
9. Wipe each table around the bed by using a dishwashing liquid.
10. To prevent spoil back into the bed, be sure to wash the sheets and blankets once a week with hot water.

To deal with allergies by avoiding allergens, allergic medical treatment is also available at The Tole Acupuncture to control symptoms. Please contact us via email or WhatsApp below.


Allergy (Hay fever, Sinus) Treatment

Allergic rhinitis are allergic reactions caused by pollen and other allergens such as pests, pet fur and etc. Unlike the name, dry grass (usually) is not the cause of the problem, nor does it bring fever.

  • There are two types of nasal allergies – seasonal and perennial. The former is due in spring / summer when the trees and grass release pollen. Perennial rhinitis affects a person throughout the year. It is caused by common allergies such as pests, pet fur and others. When the symptoms appear in spring or summer, the doctor calls it an allergic fever.
  • Allergic fever also attacks during winter because fungi grow in damp and dark.
  • Asthma and allergic fever are closely related in the sense of people with allergic fever are more likely to have asthma.

Allergy Fever in Children

Children can get allergic fever? Children are unlikely to have allergic fever. This is because they mostly live in the house. Symptoms like runny nose and itchy eyes are experienced throughout the year often showing rhinitis. But if he has symptoms only during certain times of the year, allergic fever can be a cause.

  • Hay fever can be a genetic trait, that is, children are more likely to have allergic fever if parents or siblings have allergies.
  • Children who are exposed to cigarette smoke in their early life may have an allergic fever.
  • Children born by a higher income family and those born in a lower family are likely to be allergic to fever.
  • Children who are allergic to cow’s milk have a higher risk of allergic fever.

Signs of Allergic Fever in Children:

Continuous sneezing and runny nose are allergic to the signs of allergies. Other symptoms of allergic fever in children include:

  1. itchy or watery eyes
  2. Itchy or eczematous
  3. Itching in the ear
  4. Tuberculosis
  5. chest tight
  6. nasal congestion

Please feel free to contact or email us for further details on allergic rhinitisallergic eczema Treatment

Allergy (Food and Cross Reactions) Treatment

Food allergy problems in children are increasingly widespread in developing countries.
The most common type of allergy to children and infants is food allergy, eczema, asthma and allergic rhinitis.
Sometimes this condition will disappear or recover itself when the child is older and some experience it over a lifetime. Although allergic reactions can be controlled with medication, it can be restored at any time if the trigger is not avoided.
Food allergies usually improve spontaneously within 3 years, but these are often replaced with respiratory allergies. Therefore, it is better to prevent the development of allergies from the very beginning.

What causes allergies?

Children with allergies produce antibodies to certain foods. When children eat or drink allergy-inducing foods, these antibodies will conflict with the food and start allergic reactions.
This reaction releases chemicals (such as histamine) which causes allergy symptoms.
If one parent has allergies, the percentage of chances of their child getting allergic is about 40%. If both parents have an allergic history, the opportunity will increase to 75% for each child. Often children will inherit the same allergies with their parents, mothers or siblings.

Other factors that can cause a baby

Passive exposure to cigarette smoke during pregnancy or newborns increases the risk for allergies in early life. Diet mom during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Concerned about any allergic reaction as follows:

  • rashes around the mouth of the child, nose and eyes, and may spread throughout your child’s body
  • nausea, vomiting and / or diarrhea
  • light swelling on her lips, eyes and face
  • runny nose or stuffy nose, sneezing, watery eyes
  • throat swelling and / or itchy mouth
  • swelling in the throat and mouth
  • difficult to swallow or talk
  • difficult to breathe – asthma or throat


Allergies and Eczema Herbal Treatment

Skin allergy problems are no strangest among Malaysians, but also the world’s population. Skin is a huge organ for humans, and is the most common body. It should be noted that skin disease is a disease that always comes and goes.

It can not be completely removed but can be controlled like other chronic diseases. This is because the main cause of the disease is more to the correlation between the internal and external factors, rather than simply germs that can be eliminated with antibiotic treatment. And one of the problems in the skin is allergies. This happens because many factors include disorders in the immune system, medicine or infection.

Atopic disease of dermatitis (eczema) is often associated with heredity and allergic factors. It is a skin inflammatory disease that causes severe itching and can disrupt the quality of sleep and daily life. Usually, it begins to appear in children before the age of two and often shows symptoms in the form of ‘tide and receding’, which sometimes appears remission and sometimes exacerbation.

However, for severe levels, patients may experience symptoms of skin irritation and prolonged inflammation. Among the signs of eczema atopic disease include dry, red, and scaly skin conditions. It gets worse when scratched over.

If left untreated, the skin will get tired of the consequence of the continuous graft that causes germs to enter deeper skin areas and cause infection. This infection thereby enhances the cycle of eczema atopic symptoms. Furthermore, injured skin areas due to continuous grooming will also leave the scar and the skin hard, scaly and dry.

This inflammation involves certain skin areas according to the age of the patient. In general, eczema atopics often involve the area of the face, body, front of the knee and the back of the elbow or extensor surface in the baby. For older and adult children, it often involves the flexor surface, such as the back of the knee, the elbows, the ankle, the neck and the eye.

Eczema atopic patients also often experience other allergic diseases such as allergic conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis and asthma or bronchial asthma.

The nearest family members also often have the same skin problems or allergic diseases. Eczema and allergic diseases are often severe when they are exposed to substances that promote the production and activation of inflammatory and allergic cells. For example, seafood, hot and dry weather, dust, stress or depression, pests or bacterial infections. What is surprising is the ingredients in facial cleansing products and the body is also able to increase skin inflammation in eczema patients.

Skin care that tends to allergies:

1. Avoid a product known as a common allergen, eg latex.

2. Be careful: If you want to try detergents, care items such as sunscreen or makeup, first try. Make sure you have another replacement if your skin starts to respond.

3. Follow the same regimen for any product that will touch your skin. This may sound trivial compared to the continued use of “magic products”. However, your skin is a sensitive organ and when it is not happy, nobody will be happy.

4. Alergen can kill. The principle “There is a way to succeed if you keep trying” can not be used here. Do not expect fate by trying the same allergen repeatedly. It will not ease your symptoms. In fact, it will make it worse.

5. If you find yourself suddenly suffering from allergies, see doctor or go to the emergency room immediately. Anaphylactic shock can be fatal.