Men’s Problem Acupuncture Treatment And Herbal Tea

Last year, I read an article about treatment of stage 3 Lung Cancer using herbs and acupuncture in one of our local newspaper. After researching more about the mentioned medical centre, I saw another writeup on them in another local news paper. This time the topic was on Autism. I realized that this particular medical centre must be trustworthy since they are featured by 2 of our leading newspaper. (You can find the articles in and

I myself have been suffering with Man’s Problem (ok, it’s Fertility) the last 1 year hence i have decided to visit this centre, hopefully it can help me with my problem.

At the medical centre, there were lots of people from other countries. I was surprised. There were a group of Arabs sitting at the corner, Chinese patients, kids crying and running around. I was quite nervous and having goose bumps. After waiting for about an hour, it was my turn. I was assigned to a female Chinese physician. By this time, I was starting to regret.

I told her about my problem (red faced) and she just nodded her head. She went about asking me on my daily routine. I told her truthfully and she just took notes. She told me that I will be treated with acupuncture and herbal medicine to strengthen my kidneys. She told me that because my kidneys are weak, hence the problem.

I was ushered to another room whereby needles were inserted into my scalp, hands and feet. The session lasted 45 minutes. Once out from the room, I was given a briefing on how to boil the herbs that I was prescribed. I was also told to come back for follow-up consultation after 7 days. I was also told to go for a diet whereby no cold drinks. Fast forward to the 5th day of taking the herbs. I did notice something different when I urine at night. Very less bubbles.

I went through the process of going to the medical centre every 7 days for 4 cycles, roughly 30 days. After the 1 month cycle, I feel more energetic, youthful and noticed no more bubbles when I urine. I also did noticed that I can now last longer when performing in bed.

I seriously recommend this medical centre to those who seek alternative treatment for their illness. If you shy enough to come to the centre in the meantime, you can first try their Men’s Problem Herbal Tea that can be bought at Online TheToleShop.

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