Flu Chinese Herbs Alternative Treatment

What is flu?

Flu is usually defined as an upper respiratory tract infection caused by a virus that usually affects the nose but can also affect the throat, sinuses, eustachian tubes, trachea, larynx and bronchial tubes – but not the lungs.

Statistically, flu is the most common disease worldwide. Flu is usually caused by a virus. The most common cause of the flu is rhinovirus. Flu can also be called coryza, nasopharynx, rhinopharyngitis, and sniffles.

How is a flu condition treated using TCM?

The treatment principle is to expel the ‘wind’ pathogen and eliminate the other pathogens that accompany it, and strengthen the patient’s qi if the patient is weak. The primary focus of therapy. If the patient is not sweating, is to create sweating and “release” the pathogen from the body.

Treatment for ‘exterior wind attacks’ may be performed via acupuncture, herbal medicine, qi gong or a combination of these modalities.

If caught in the early stages (especially within the first few hours of the onset of symptoms) acupuncture, herbal medicine, and qi gong can be very effective at eliminating pathogenic influences. If the disorder has progressed beyond the onset of symptoms, or if symptoms have become severe, herbal medicine is generally the TCM therapy of choice with acupuncture and qi gong exercises used as symptomatic relief and adjuvant therapies.

To keep the body’s qi strong and prevent ‘wind attacks’, any of the three modalities may be used as all of them.

The Tole’s Way of Medication – Flu Herbal Herbs Medicine Acupuncture Treatment

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